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Dear Tom,

We want to thank you for the excellent job you did inspecting our 1st home in July. We have been happily living in our new home since October. We really felt like you went above and beyond in your thoroughness and explanations of everything you found and we really appreciated that. We will certainly be recommending you to anyone we know in the future in need of a home inspection. Have a wonderful holiday season?

Kim & Mike C

Tom and Susan,


A pleasure having your team working with us on our first home buy/inspection. Thanks for a great and informative time!

Pedro & Seren

Thank you for the great report. It exceeded my expectations by light years. Your Yelp review is greatly deserved. The unfortunate part is the bank ended up rescinding our pre-approval; they can be fickle and cost me thousands in deposits and fees and pulled out with no repercussions it looks like. That great work was for nothing. I'll be certain to keep your information and pass it on to everyone I know. You guys did a fantastic job, you can be sure when I do this house buying again I'll be certain to contact you for the inspection.

Guy P

Hi Tom, 

Thank you for all your help I really appreciate it! We will be calling you for your expertise as soon as we find a new house for you to inspect.

This report is wonderful!

 Thank You,


Darlene P.

Tom, Thank you and everyone at Absolute Home Inspections so much for doing our home inspection for our new home. Even though
it was a new build, I'm glad you were recommended as the inspector. You have a
tough reputation and that is good, you are looking out for us as the buyer, not
the builder. You kept us informed of everything that you inspected and showed
us what needed to be changed and what could be changed. It's great for a first
time home-buyer like myself as I now know what to look for in the future with
our home. You allowed our builder to go along with you and he greatly
appreciated that. It was a chance for him to learn what he needed to do better
for the next home that he will build. It was a pleasure working with you and
your staff. Very professional but friendly. I would recommend you to anyone
who purchases a home, either an existing one, or a new build. Thanks again for
all your help.


Lin Neese

The Absolute Home Inspection worked out great for me. My agent gave me three names. After googling what to look for in choosing a home inspector and reviewing the company's web information, they hit several checkpoints just in the selection process. The office was friendly and courteous. Price was a bit more than others, but I felt secure in choosing this company due to Tom's credentials. My friends had a bad experience with their choice who overlooked ice backup damage. Tom is extremely professional, got started quickly, and explained all findings as we went along for several hours. Due to his thoroughness, my husband, agent, and self were able to negotiate some repairs and get information on future maintenance needs. His report is very comprehensive and available online to the client within 24-48 hours. I highly recommend Absolute Home Inspections.



This report is, as expected, thorough and detailed with recommended solutions to most all problems. I'm guessing that the homeowners don't even know about some of these issues. I plan to refer to it often in the next few years to help us enjoy this home and improve its value. I also appreciate your professionalism and would highly recommend AHI to anyone I know that's considering a new house in the area. Thanks again.

Ezra O.


Thank you for all the time you took looking at the house and explaining all of the elements in need of updating. We feel much more prepared for house ownership and the challenge of planning repairs. We put in a revised offer in light of some of the issues you identified for us and it has been accepted! We are very much looking forward to moving in in the new year.


Nell C.

I recently had a home inspection done and Susan and Tom were both professional and knowledgeable. Susan took the time to explain the process to me when I called and described the report we would receive.  The inspection was scheduled quickly and was very thorough.  Tom spend three hours with my husband and I at the house and answered all of our questions as he inspected.  It allowed us a much more indepth look at the home's true condition and what we could expect for immediate and future repairs.  We received the full report the same evening as the inspection.

I am so happy we did not rely on the realtor's recommended inspector and were able to find a truely unbiased person to perform the inspection.  It made a huge difference in our outcome.  I enthusiastically recommend Tom and will use his expertise again in the future.

Jamie & Lynn P

I've had Tom do several home inspections and each time he has been incredibly thorough, explained everything fully and offered great insight into all that goes with owning and maintaining a home. He is reliable, and most importantly, trustworthy. I would use Tom again and highly recommend him!

Dave C.