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Certified Real Estate Agent Trainer

By 2001, having been in the home inspection profession for 3 years, Tom was well versed with the vast amount of questionable or just plain wrong information that was being passed on to home buyers by some of the real estate agents. Tom approached the Greater Syracuse Association of Realtors (GSAR) with a request to teach a class to real estate agents on "Working with a Home Inspector".  At the time this was groundbreaking, as no other home inspector in this market had been certified by the State to teach a home inspector class to real estate agents. The premise of this class was to go over some of the confusion with attendees with the hope of clearing up misinformation and providing enlightenment so they could better inform their clients. Tom also spent time going through the "Top Ten" items that home inspectors find during typical home inspections.

The sometimes contentious working relationship that exists between the real estate and home inspection professions can often get in the way of good solid information. Our hope was and is to provide some insight and clarification as to why home inspectors say what they say and why home inspectors do what they do.

Tom continues to teach this class to GSAR on an annual basis and has also been recruited by the Cayuga County Board of Realtors to teach to their agents.