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Radon Testing

Radon is radioactive gas that has been found in homes all over the United States. It comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in the soil, rock and water and gets into the air you breath. Radon typically moves up through the ground to the air above and into your home through cracks and other holes in your foundation. Your home can trap radon inside. Sometimes radon enters the home through well water.

Any home can have a radon problem. This means new and old homes, well-sealed and drafty homes, and homes with or without basements. In fact, you and your family are most likely to get your greatest radiation exposure at home. That is where you spend most of your time.

Nearly 1 out of every 15 homes in the U.S. is estimated to have elevated radon levels, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Testing is the only way to know if you and your family are at risk from radon.

For more information on radon, visit: http://www.health.state.ny.us/environmental/radiological/radon

If the level recorded during a radon test equals or exceeds the EPAs 4.0 pCi/l level, radon mitigation should be looked upon as a must-do item! Your family's health depends on it!