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Water Purity Testing

This is a list of some of the primary parameters, health effects and sources that are routinely tested for in the drinking water system.

Health Effects - Dermal and nervous system toxicity effects.
Source - Geological, pesticide residues, industrial waste and smelter operations.

Total Coliform Bacteria:
Health Effects - This is a category of bacteria which includes some bacteria that can cause disease. Those diseases include gastroenteric infections, dysentery, hepatitis, typhoid fever, cholera and others.
Source - Coliform bacteria is widely distributed in nature. Contamination comes from surface waters, septic systems, human and animal fecal matter.

Health effects - Central and peripheral nervous system damage, kidney, highly toxic to infants and pregnant woman.
Source - Corrosion of lead, soldier and brass faucets and fixtures, corrosion of lead service lines.

Nitrogen (Nitrate):
Health Effects - Methemoglobinemia – blue baby syndrome
Source -Nitrates can be found in fertilizers, feedlots, sewage; usually occurs in soil and mineral deposits.