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Top 5 Surprising Trouble Spots In Your Home

Homes that have been lived in for a long time often develop trouble spots that are difficult to recognize by the untrained eye. In fact, it is a very rare inspection where we leave without a "safety list" that the current homeowners are living in the midst of; either items they're unaware of, or unknowledgeable about. We pride ourselves on discovering the weak or dangerous spots that owners may miss.

1.  Cross-connections- A cross-connection is any direct link between your water supply (water your drink) and your waste water (water you flush). Unfortunately, this type of connection is not all that uncommon. Such a link can easily bring bacteria from the waste system back into your water supply. We are ever-vigilant for this type of association.

2. Electric Panel - Is the wiring up to current standards? Any sign of scorched neutral wires? Overfused circuits? Unsafe wiring techniques? Water or rodent entry into the electric box? Electrical systems are serious business and we spend extra time evaluating these systems for safety and proper workmanship.

3. Decks - Many of the decks we see are built by "part-time" well meaning friends and neighbors who aren't specialists when it comes to materials, current standards and safety-related requirements. If you have a deck, have you looked at the connection point at the house? Have you looked underneath to see how it is draining? How about step heights heading down to the ground?  Guardrail construction on elevated decks? Attachments at beams? Does the deck floor have rusted joist hangers? There are so many places we find on decks that are huge red-flags for your family's safety.

4. Stairs - Indoor and outdoor stairs are a concern for everyone, and are in fact the most dangerous area in a house where injuries are concerned. Tom will not only look at the treads on the stairs but will examine the height between steps, handrails, guardrails, and a vast number of other items that are commonly found deficient. Steps leading into a basement must now have sidewall protection. Open risers are no longer acceptable in New York State and should be rectified. The list goes on...

5. Ceiling Discoloration - Have you looked up at your ceiling? Yellow marks or stains could mean several different things. Some stains are plumbing leaks, others may be associated with rodents living in the attic and others still may mean a roof leak. Was the ceiling patched in the past? We have unique ways of finding out. Tom will not let discoloration on ceilings go by and will investigate the cause.

And those are just a few of the things that we come across every day! You might be surprised by just how many things are uncovered in your house! Give us a call! We'll help you figure it all out!